Our commitment to equal opportunities for all

Diversity and inclusion is key to who we are at Roche. We strive to create an inclusive work environment where all employees can thrive equally and feel valued equally. Our commitment to creating equitable opportunities for all extends to ensuring that we have equal pay for both men and women: Equal pay for equal work.

Compulsory pay analysis from 1 July 2020

From 1 July 2020, employers in Switzerland with 100 or more employees are obliged to carry out an internal equality pay analysis within one year (Art. 13a, 13c und 13d GlG). This obligation also applies to the following Swiss Roche legal entities:

  • F. Hoffmann La-Roche AG

  • Roche Glycart AG

  • Roche Pharma (Schweiz) AG

  • Tavero AG

  • Roche Diagnostics International AG Basel branch Diabetes Care

  • Roche Diagnostics International AG

  • Roche Diagnostics (Schweiz) AG

Positive results

All Roche companies in Switzerland subject to this federal act conducted the equal pay analysis in 2021 in accordance with the Gender Equality Act. The equal pay analyses confirmed that equal pay requirements between women and men are met. As required by the federal act, the equal pay analyses were verified by either a Roche employees’ representation or by a licensed audit firm.

The outcome of the study is in line with the positive results already achieved by Roche prior to the legal obligation as part of the federal voluntary equal pay dialogue (German only) in 2011, 2015 and 2019.

Next steps

Employers who can provide evidence of pay equity as they have successfully conducted the compulsory federal equal pay analysis are legally exempt from further analyses (Art. 13a para. 3 GlG). Nevertheless, Roche will voluntarily continue to carry out regular analyses and reviews in the future.

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