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The principle of sustainability is firmly anchored in the Roche corporate policy. Roche Basel/Kaiseraugst also aligns its activities to promote Roche’s long-term success and has launched various local projects and initiatives to underscore its responsibility towards people, society and the environment.

Promoting culture, education and science
I was deeply impressed to be able to see the smiles on the faces of these children despite the dire poverty around them. They seemed very content and happy with very little. I have taken a piece of this home in my heart.
Daniel Indergand
Top Fundraiser Children’s Walk Basel

Promoting the common good is a key aim of our sponsorship commitment. We support employee volunteering and sponsor organisations such as neighbourhood clubs and local charities. The Roche/Kaiseraugst site is also an annual participant in the global Roche Children’s Walk, a sponsorship initiative on behalf of children in need in Malawi (Africa), and doubles the proceeds raised by employees.

The following are just a few prime examples of Roche's commitment to culture, education and science: The Museum Tinguely, a gift to the city of Basel by Roche; the Roche'n'Jazz concerts; and the partnership with the University of Basel and the University Hospital of Basel to help patients benefit faster from basic scientific research.

Embracing environmental responsibility
We consciously use new, environmentally friendly technologies and processes so that we can invest and produce sustainably. In this way we have substantially reduced the burden on the environment in the past five years.
Udo M. Bäckert
Head of Technical Services at the Basel site

Roche takes care to protect the environment and increasingly scarce resources in Basel and Kaiseraugst: Thermal air purification, recycling, and substantial investments in renewable technologies, energy efficiency, and the use of green energy are testament to Roche’s environmental stewardship. The natural landscaping of Kaiseraugst is also "green" and creates an attractive work environment as well as a biotope for plant and animal life. The site is a three-time certificate recipient from the foundation "Natur und Wirtschaft" for its grounds in Kaiseraugst.

If we don’t take care of resources today, we won’t have any in the future. That’s why every Roche employee focuses on saving energy.
Jean-Louis Bickel
Energy Operations, Roche Basel

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