The frontrunner in personalised healthcare
Shifting away from a one-size-fits all approach to delivering the best care for each person.

In order to bring the promise of personalised healthcare to life, Roche is focusing on four key aspects of care:

  • Early detection and accurate diagnosis

  • Individualised care

  • Access to optimal care

  • Remote care and monitoring

Advances in science, data, analytics, computation, and digital technology enable us to understand the factors that affect each person’s health with more clarity than ever before. With this knowledge, we can improve care at every stage – from keeping people well, to detecting and diagnosing illness early, to providing the right medicines at the right time, to monitoring disease progression and treatment outcomes in real time. Improving the entire care journey will transform outcomes for patients and allow health systems to use resources more efficiently and effectively.

By using data, analytics and technology across R&D and the care continuum, we are drawing closer to our goal of improving lives and advancing better health at a lower cost to people and to society.

Personalised healthcare – also known as PHC – is a key area of focus, combining pioneering science, data, analytics and technology to advance new discoveries and improve patients’ lives.

The fundamental question in healthcare has traditionally been: which treatment will help the most people with this particular disease? Personalised healthcare focuses on a different question: what is the best care for the individual?

Healthcare is shifting from a one-size-fits-all approach to a tailored treatment designed to address each patient’s unique needs will improve results and the way people experience care. Personalised healthcare will be a benefit to society as better outcomes for individual patients translate to more efficient, affordable and sustainable care for entire populations.

Personalised Healthcare at Roche

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