Features & Benefits of GlycoMAb
  • GlycoMAb® does not affect specific antibody productivity or cell growth (in suspension in serum- and protein-free cell culture medium).

  • By genetically modifying the antibody-producing cell line with efficient and robust vectors, high increases in potency are obtained while maintaining a simple and standard production process. No new steps, reagents, equipments, personnel, costs or risks are added to the antibody production process.

  • GlycoMAb® conserves the bivalent target-binding nature of antibodies and does not use toxic, immunogenic or radioactive moieties that can lead to higher side effects, elevated production costs or complex logistics from production to administration to patients.

  • GlycoMAb® can be applied to any industrial antibody-production cell line.

  • GlycoMAb® can be applied to chimeric, humanized and fully human antibodies.

  • GlycoMAb® is protected by one issued patent (US 6,602,684) and a number of pending patent applications from three patent families.


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